Bold becomes a list


If you lead a paragraph with a bold item, it is interpreted as a list. Example:
my bold item
This is interpreted as an indented list. Unfortunately, this requires evaluating the context of the entire line in order to determine whether a "closing" bold marker is present. Moreover, if one is present, was it actually the first opening bold marker? In my opinion, this points to a weakness in the spec.
**my second-level list itemmy bold item
Regardless, the ambiguity must be addressed since it's part of the 1.0 spec. Here's a link that mentions it.
Thanks for the great parser!

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Closed Sep 16, 2009 at 12:11 AM by thermous
Integrated solution from tcl as version


tcl wrote Mar 17, 2009 at 5:22 PM

This diff provides a fix for this bug as well as the list bug. The workaround is to only treat a leading ** as a list item if we're already in a list.

This behavior is mentioned in the List section of:


"About unordered lists and bold: a line starting with ** (including optional whitespace before and afterwards), immediately following any list element on a line above, will be treated as a nested unordered list element. Otherwise it will be treated as the beginning of bold text."

I ran this on the the Creole 1.0 test case (JSP Test Cases) and it performed better than the parser on the WikiCreole web site itself (!). Great work.

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